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Our international distribution network

From its solid base in Western and Eastern Europe, ADI today extends its footprint on the European continent, as well as on other continents such as Africa, Central Asia and the Caucasus.
Respectful of their different cultures and traditions in which root their specific market environments, ADI brings together 
automotive professionals from 40 nations, exchanging market intelligence, improving business methods through best practice and sharing expertise and know-how.

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Quality parts

The experienced team in the AD International headquarters in Kortenberg/Belgium co-ordinates the group's activities and liaises with the international management teams of ADI's contract suppliers.

Availibility + Logistics

A Europe-wide network of state-of-the-art distribution centres totaling more than 400.000 m² of storage space, and a full regional warehouse capacity of 2.600.000 m² provide the availability to guarantee the high level of service to professional repairers. 
Efficiency in logistics is part of the core mission of ADI and its partners.

Market coverage

To be close to the customer is key in the business approach of ADI and its partners: 600 automotive wholesale distributors operate over 3000 outlets and ensure regular and timely deliveries to professional repairers, wherever they are. These AD distributors locally stock and deliver a full range of mechanical, technical and electronic components, products and accessories related to all automotive activities.

Eure!Car: technical support for professional automotive repairers

Eure!Car is Autodistribution International’s education and support program containing a comprehensive series of high-quality technical trainings, both presential and online, technical publications, and hotline service.  It commits to assist professional repairers with any technical or mechanical problem or question they may have.  Eure!Car is available to all ADI Partners.

For its technical content and expertise, Eure!Car relies on AD Technical Center in Figueres (North of Spain)operated by the company Grup Eina Digital.  Leaders of the automotive parts industry support Eure!Car with technical expertise in their respective product fields.

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Our international repairer network

Some repair shops are more than just customers, they are part of one of the AD powered networks.  The AD group has 10 000 repair shops operating in such networks, half of which are organised in the largest European network of independent garages: AD Garage.

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AD Garage

AD Garage offers a complete service for virtually all car brands. The parts and products fitted in the AD Garage network are carefully selected by national and international teams to guarantee top quality.  The local AD distributor is the AD Garage’s one-stop shop guaranteeing uninterrupted delivery of premium parts and products, technical support of any kind, and advice for technical equipment, diagnostics, and garage management in general.

AD Garage is the “value for money”-solution for private motorists, professional drivers or fleet managers.

AD Carosserie

AD Carrosserie (AD Body shop) has – in addition to its technical and mechanical competences - the adequate offer to insurance companies and fleet owners, as well as private car owners, who are looking for a reliable multi-brand solution to have their car repaired after a collision.

AD Truckdrive

"ad Truckdrive" is the AD network for distribution of parts and services to transport companies, fleets and owners of heavy trucks, trailers, and light commercial vehicles.

International warranty

In addition to the legal warranties enforced by the national and European authorities, the AD network offers a 24 months' international warranty on all repairs and interventions carried out in any AD repair shop, covering parts and labour, in all countries where there is an AD repair shop network: France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Ukraine.

This warranty is linked to the respect of the maintenance as prescribed by the car manufacturers or the parts manufacturers and a normal use of the car.

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