AD in a new look!

During the ADI Summit on 3 & 4 May last, Managing Director, Manuel Van Royen had the honour of presenting the new corporate identity for the AD Distributor and AD Garage.


The AD logo and red triangle have long been the identifying image for the group of AD distributors and AD garages all over Europe. A good corporate identity is indispensable for a company. It is recognizable and makes your company look professional. Potential and existing customers attach great importance to the first impression a company leaves on them.

For this reason, the ADI Board decided to give the international corporate identity a refresh, but at the same time they found it crucial that the new logo had strong similarities with existing ones, this to keep all companies, with the new and existing signs, recognizable as an AD company.

The upgrade was carried out on three different levels:

  • Corporate level
  • Distributor level
  • Workshop level

If you would like more information on the new corporate identity, please contact your national organization.