Autodistribution France: Over 1300 m2 at the heart of Equip’Auto PARIS

After a successful 2021 “On Tour” Edition, Autodistribution participated live in the Equip’Auto show in Paris from 18 till 22 October.

For this event, Autodistribution installed an open space environment of 1323 m². The area was larger than at the 2019 edition in order to encourage traffic and exchanges... and of course to celebrate the Group’s 60th anniversary!

Visitors discovered the world of Autodistribution and its new products and services portfolio, presenting in different areas the group’s multi-specialist expertise:

  • parts
  • bodywork
  • equipment
  • tyres
  • paintwork
  • glass

Furthermore each of the Autodistribution networks had their own corner on the booth and showed their expertise and innovations to the visitors.

  • AD Mécanique (AD Garages): 1443 members
  • Glass Auto Service: 343 members
  • Autoprimo: 963 members
  • AD Carrosserie (Body shop): 788 members
  • Staff Auto: 296 members

Laurent Desrouffet, General Manager of the Networks and Light Vehicle Repair Activities at Autodistribution, explained: “We are delighted that Equip’Auto is back at Paris Expo! We are looking forward to presenting all of our multi-service expertise to our customers, as well as the developments and innovations in our business. With a strong focus on innovation, particularly for sustainable mobility, our stand will offer various events and activities during the show to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Autodistribution. And of course, we will already be looking ahead to the major AD Network Congress in Marrakech”.