Autodistribution Nederland on cruising speed

4 months after the launch of the AD Garage program in the Netherlands, Autodistribution Nederland is proud to present today 15 AD Garages and 11 AD TechExpert Garages and has strong ambitions for the future.

The steady growth of the network is not a coincidence: it is powered by 20 distributors and a competent Autodistribution Nederland team that operates the market from its new premises in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Kees Willemsen, Sales Director Autodistribution Nederland, comments : “Backed up by the Autodistribution organization in France and Belgium, our team is in a position to offer a unique program to the independent repairers all over the country.  A solid network of regional distributors, an exhaustive portfolio of marketing, communication and support tools and a flexible governance system with short decision lines guarantee a steady and sustainable development, able to react swiftly to a dynamic market!”

Some of the recent achievements of the network by Autodistribution Nederland are :

  • A large (and growing) supplier portfolio, as will be shown in the first edition of a 90 page magazine
  • An extended product portfolio available through the central warehouse in Belgium and two more distribution hubs in the Netherlands
  • The AD Garage program featuring a.o. International warranty on parts and labour and 24/7 breakdown service
  • A portal website offering motorists the possibility to get online price quotations
  • A program for technical support with trainings and webinars.

The development of Autodistribution Nederland confirms the efficiency of the Autodistribution business model : efficient co-operation between regional distributors within an organized and centrally managed network offering to their customers brand image and exclusive programs for commercial and technical support.