UFI Filters Group, the global partner of the Aftermarket with the two brands UFI and SOFIMA

UFI Filters Group is a global leader in filtration technology and thermal management (heat exchangers for combustion, electric and hybrid vehicles). With its two brands UFI and SOFIMA it serves a wide range of sectors – from automotive: passenger car, heavy duty, agriculture, on-road and off-road vehicles, as well as aerospace and marine to specialised industrial and customised hydraulic applications. Renowned for its innovation, UFI and SOFIMA  products and know-how are to be found in all kinds of vehicles – from Ferrari and other top F1 teams, to the European ExoMars spacecraft.

50 years setting higher standards.

Founded in Italy in 1971, in 50 years UFI Filters Group has written the history of filtration, establishing itself as an industry leader for its revolutionary products, first of all in engine air with the first air panel with polyurethane frame, then in diesel filtration with water separation filters for common rail engines. Up to today, UFI Filters has confirmed itself as one of the only companies in the European panorama able to produce and supply complete filtration systems, starting from the filter media, till the heat exchangers, both for traditional and hybrid engines.

The OE pedigree.

UFI and SOFIMA supply the full range of air, oil, fuel, cabin, hydraulic and coolant filters as well as thermal management systems to the automotive sector, meeting the needs of nearly all car brands and motorcycles as well as commercial, heavy duty and agricultural vehicles. In the OE market, the Group is a leading filtration provider, chosen by 95% of vehicle manufacturers worldwide, boasting a list of more than 250 co-branded products with the biggest OEMs.

The Aftermarket business.

Each family of filters within the company’s two aftermarket brands, UFI and SOFIMA, covers 96% of the European car parc, thanks to a range of more than 3000 SKUs and can be supplied by the best distributors in the world. UFI Filters aftermarket can boast a strong OE pedigree, 17 UFI and SOFIMA aftermarket dedicated sales offices that guarantee a widespread presence in Europe, China, India, North and South America, North and South Africa, Middle East and Australia. UFI and SOFIMA aftermarket can count on a clear development strategy worldwide. The goal of all of the functions is to give the maximum effort: from product development to marketing, with constant support to the sales force; from logistics, with an attentive, prompt and flexible service.

The High Tech solutions.

UFI Filters Group’s  High Tech Division is specialised in the production of filtration solutions for “extreme” performances. 9 out of 10 of the Formula 1 teams has chosen UFI, who supplies more than 10,000 individual parts per year to the racing sector, not only to the best known series, but also for Formula 2, MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3, GT2, GT3, GTE and LMP championship and Superbike.

Furthermore, with its HYDRAULIC DIVISION the Group can provide a catalogue for more than 6,000 hydraulic filters for mobile and stationary applications.

The industrial footprint.

One of the first Italian companies to identify growth opportunities in the Far East, today the Group has 19 industrial sites, boasting an industrial footprint of 175,000 square meters of which 50,000 are dedicated to logistics; 57 commercial offices and employs over 4,000 people in 21 countries and 5 continents.

R&D driven company.

It employs 168 specialised technicians in its 3 Innovation and Research Centres and holds 237 patents. UFI Filters Group has doubled its turnover in the last ten years. As a research-driven company, it reinvests over 5% of its revenues in R&D and thanks to its wide vision, it is investing in new technologies for electric vehicles, in line with market trends towards sustainable mobility. This means that UFI and SOFIMA can provide the customers with a 360° solution for the mobility of the future.