Valeo Service Triumphs at the 2023 ADI Summit

During its 2023 ADI SUMMIT on May 3rd and 4th, 2023, in Como (Italy), Autodistribution International (ADI) chose Valeo Service for their “Supplier of the Year” award. By doing so, ADI rewarded the longstanding collaboration between Valeo Service and members of the ADI network, including Grup Eina, the European training and technical hotline of ADI.


In receiving the award, Eric Schuler, President of Valeo Service, explained, “We are very proud to receive this award. At Valeo Service, customer satisfaction is our main objective and the key driver of our teams’ efforts.”

Achieving such recognition validates the relevance of Valeo Service’s strategy and acknowledges the robust, trusting, and lasting relationships that Valeo Service has built up with ADI over the years.

The Aftermarket Specialist

Valeo Service, a branch of Valeo, serves the independent aftermarket with parts and accessories for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

With a worldwide presence in all aftermarket channels, Valeo Service also provides digital solutions, technical assistance, advanced training, and sales and marketing support to car dealers, spare parts distributors, and independent garages.

100 Years of Innovation for A Changing World

The scale and pace of change in the mobility sector has become unprecedented in recent years and is boosting Valeo’s innovation strategy. The fight against climate change is accelerating the development of electric mobility; innovative advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) are delivering improvements in road safety; the interior experience and lighting are also being reinvented for increased comfort and safety.

Valeo has managed to anticipate many of these changes. As it stands, one in three new cars worldwide is equipped with Valeo’s driving assistance technology, as well as Valeo’s CO2-reducing electric systems.

Mobility and Infrastructure

Not stopping at the automotive industry, however, Valeo solutions are now being used in all forms of mobility, from electric micro-mobility (bikes, e-scooters, e-motorbikes, etc.) to new forms of mobility (driverless taxis, delivery droids, etc.).

The use of Valeo’s technologies has even extended beyond the automotive world to infrastructure and other services; examples include traffic management, pedestrian safety, smart lighting in public spaces and data centre cooling.

Back to the Future

The Valeo adventure began in 1923 in a workshop near Paris, France, where the first brake linings were manufactured. Since then, that small workshop has grown to become an international operator in 29 countries, with a workforce of 109,000 employees.

Looking forward, Valeo will continue to innovate to make mobility cleaner, safer, and smarter. As the leading French patent applicant (according to INPI’s June 2022 rankings), Valeo is fully committed to helping achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Being honoured with “Supplier of the year” at the 2023 ADI Summit was a wonderful way to celebrate its centenary year.